Sobre Mi

Bienvenidos! I am a passionate technologist, that loves technology itself and the business of technology. I like things simple. I admire the great minds that brought us the advancements we have today, I love ontological humility. I am stoic in progress.

What I do?
My background is in computer science engineering. Indeed, I spend quite of my time doing technology-related activities, but also I invest a lot of time in the business side of technology. I am an expert conceiving and implementing digital strategies. And lately, I’ve been putting a lot of brains and efforts into the HR part of technology.

I love technology, programming, digital marketing, eCommerce, futuristic ideas, reading, learning. I am an eternal apprentice. I love to learn. I love to read. I try to spend my time mostly learning philosophy, economics, behavioral economics, anthropology, politics, law, open source, photography, writing, IoT, Arduino, Digital Marketing, future of eCommerce, coaching, learning and practicing productivity, astronomy, and natural evolution, among others. When I am not doing that, I am traveling, or tasting rums. Or maybe spending time with my beautiful wife or amazing little boy. I try to give my life a meaning.

Currently, what am I focusing on?
marketing and eCommerce consultancy for the top brands of the world, and we do it well. We have an amazing team, that makes us proud. I’ve started a few startups in my career, and I am constantly thinking of new ideas. At this time, I am learning Portuguese

What I Would Like To Do?

I would say that my mission is to help Guatemala (and Central America) to become a technological hub. We have the most important asset: people. Now we have to educate them.
I want to learn 4 languages, aside from my native Spanish.
I want to be in 100+ countries (currently around 30).
I want to read 2,000 books (currently around 200)
I want to see the see the curvature of the Earth with my own eyes.
I want to generate 5+ patents (although, I am against patents).
Some day, but just some day, I would like to participate in politics somewhere.
I want go grow old peacefully with my family in Antigua Guatemala, or Granada (Spain).