Spanish Synonyms Finder for Alfred

I installed Alfred yesterday and bought the power pack to be able to use the workflows feature. I started playing with it and found out a piece of functionality that I couldn’t find: a Spanish Thesaurus. For English, I found one quickly. However, for Spanish, I was unable to find any, so I decided to build one myself.

My strategy to accomplish this:

  • Find out how to use JS (and NodeJS) inside Alfred.
  • Find a service that provides an API for Spanish (surprisingly there is none, or I couldn’t find one).
  • As there was no API, I’d have to do some web scrapping. I found an excellent page to do so, and I hope I am not transgressing any law by doing so. If so, please let me know…

My pseudo code looks like this:

  • Get the {query} to be searched for
  • Request the URL with the {query}
  • Parse the response
  • Get the results in an array
  • Send that to Alfred for display.

I found alfy a nice library that facilitates the creation of Alfred workflows with JS. and based my efforts from there. The documentation is straightforward on how to use it. Before alfy I used axios to make the request but moved back to alfy to reduce dependency.

The final product looks like this:

Is very simple to use. You call Alfred and then type sps (Spanish Synonym). Then you write the word you are looking for, and a series of synonyms appear. You can enter in any of them, and it will take you to the page. You can type shift to see a previous as well.

The code is here:
The packal site here:

My first open source contribution for a while. Hope someone finds it useful.

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