Thinkig in the future….

Well, well, well. Right now there are tons of images and ideas in my mind. This last months have been very productive in the sense that many ideas have grown in my mind, many feelings, many dreams, many goals. I told a lot of people that I felt in the middle of the road waiting for somewhere to go. Looking at myself in my own dark age waiting my own Renaissance. And I think it all already started to spring. Everything inside myself is starting to open its eyes. Although I feel a little scared, it really feels good. I’m leaving behind my old anchors and my boat is starting to sail. The sea is beautiful, I couldn’t ask for a clearer day and the wind is blowing in my direction. I know that not always will be like that, but it is so good to start like this. A lot of my dreams have started to land, they are screaming to become reality. I don’t see them that far away, they are around the corner and I’m walking to reach them. No matter what.
Mmmm, I have almost decided that I want to go a few years to Germany. Last week I was reading my diary and I found an emotion that in many ways is the same as the one I’m feeling right now. In 1999 I wanted to go to Germany or Canada, but that idea went to sleep for about six years, and now is waking up. I have already started looking for some info or ideas. I want to study my master overseas, but I haven’t decided yet in what specific branch of knowledge I want to master. I realize that I will need a few months over there to learn the language to an acceptable level, and I’m excited about it.

Luis Hernan Fernandez

Finally online!!!

Finally, after long months thinking about it I come up with my online blog. Initially I wanted it to be hosted at home, but I decided for a hosting solution. A lot of reasons drove to this resolution, but I’m happy with it. I am in the middle of a lot of internal changes in my life, and my blog is a must do. This is a little beginning, I don’t have time to write a lot, but something is something.
Ahora un poco en mi lengua materna. Estoy feliz con mi blog. Me queda mucho por aprender sobre WordPress, aunque ya tuve una instalación de él en mi máquina hace algunos meses. Un poco de paciencia hará falta para que pueda ponerle todas las cosas que deseo. Si alguien tiene alguna idea, o algo que se le ocurra que pueda agregar, pues bienvenido.